Floor display stands with huge merchandising space and big graphical surface. They catch the eye of potential customer from the distance at a point of purchase.

Depending on various merchandising and logistical requirements, these kinds of expositions can be produced as “ready to use” items or as modular versions, delivered in parts for assembly. They are very popular because of their branding flexibility and resistance. In most cases they have inter-changeable graphical elements what makes them interesting from the economical point of view ( diverse promotions).

Individual, custom made designs for exclusive expositions fulfil our product range. All depends on your needs! Variety of shapes and technical solutions possible.

All commonly available materials are used in the production: metal, plastic, cardboard, wood in following technologies: metal engineering ( bending, cutting engraving, welding), powder printing, plastic vacuum forming, punching, milling, painting…..and many others.

Graphical elements: made out of plastic, cardboard, wood, branded by use of various printing technologies adequate to variable material specifications and economical aspects.